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Polo players of Islamabad Club overpower Kalabagh in final

Polo players of Islamabad Club overpower Kalabagh in final

ISLAMABAD: The gathering clouds gave players in the final match at Margalla Polo Club on Saturday, impetus to play a fast game. The men on horses tried their best to take possession of the ball and score maximum goals to lift the trophy.

Polo games are divided into timed periods called chukkers. This thrilling game lasted four chukkers and the men of Islamabad Club team in red managed to defeat the Kalabagh team in black.

The final score for Islamabad Club was eight while Kalabagh managed to score seven and a half.

Both teams played a superb game and attracted a large crowd who enjoyed the exciting encounter, especially during the last chukker. Players from both teams played brilliant shots such as off-side, forehand, back and hooks receiving applause from the crowd.

A young audience member, Asfandyar Raja, said he found the match very exciting. “Clearly both teams tried their best and we enjoyed the encounter,” he said.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was invited as the chief guest.

Team Kalabagh, including experienced player Raja Sami, Bilal Humayun, Malik Salaar and Col Touseef, was given half a point in advance as the opposing team was relatively stronger.

The opposing team included Usman Ibrar, Faaiz Haider, Atif Tiwana and Matias Olmos, an Argentinean player, who has been coaching the players at Islamabad Polo Club for the last many months.

Olmos scored five goals and played an instrumental role in securing the victory for Islamabad Club. Raja Sami from the Kalabagh team scored four goals.

With half a goal already in their pocket, the men in black took a good start in the match and finished the first chukker with a score of two and a half goals. While the men in red scored one goal in the first chukker.

However, in the second chukker, the Islamabad Club team managed to make a good comeback by scoring four goals. In the third chukker the Islamabad Club team scored two more goals while Kalabagh scored three more.

Entering the final chukker, Kalabagh had a lead of half a point.

In the final and crucial chukker, both teams played a fantastic game, putting up a great show for the crowd of diplomats and polo enthusiasts from the twin cities.

Later, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar distributed trophies among the winners. He appreciated players from both teams for playing an exciting match.

Published in Dawn, April 12th, 2015

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