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The price of neutrality

The price of neutrality

TWO significant events have unfolded in Pakistan over the past few days. The parliament declared its neutrality in the Yemen war, and a UAE minister issued a warning to Pakistan for doing so.

Draped in no uncertain words, the harsh language of Dr Gargash exposes the true contours of the Arab leaders’ mind often concealed by superfluous layers of deceptive brotherly veneer. Pakistanis therefore have a good reason to thank Gargash for his mindless mutterings. He expects a responsible state to join a coalition of belligerent pirates in attacking a small ship.

Gargash threatens that not doing so will result in Pakistan ‘paying a heavy price’.

The Arab leaders have a legitimate demand for pay-back, but only from the seminaries and groups who have been doled out religious charity over all these years. It is not Pakistan but the managers of these seminaries and other recipients who must come to the rescue of their donors.

It would be appropriate for the Arab leaders to disclose the list of all such seminaries and groups who received these gracious under-the-table offerings. Pakistan could then promptly oblige by dispatching the recipients to their respective donors – preferably on a permanent basis.

How come countries with military more formidable than ours are not willing to sacrifice a single soldier of their own in a conflict that in their ‘perception’ has endangered their very survival. Have they not read in the newspapers, the number of soldiers that Pakistan has sacrificed and lost in its own war of survival?

Naeem Sadiq

Published in Dawn, April 14th, 2015

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