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Strikes and doctors

Strikes and doctors

IT is important to remember that strikes just don’t happen, they are caused. Since strikes in Pakistan are getting a lot more common now, picture a strike along with its effects: the work area is desolate, machines stand still and work is severely affected.

The authorities that are caught off guard and are facing a loss, relent and accept the demands of the protesters.

However, a strike at a hospital shows a different scenario. A patient left without caretakers is an extremely difficult situation to tackle.

Patients come to hospitals in search of a cure and treatment by doctors and nurses, as well as in search of medical equipment that can be handled by experts only.

A recent strike was organised by the doctors of Services Hospital,Lahore, on Feb 25. The doctors demanded effective security from target killers and better wages.

Similarly, in January 2013 and July 2012, Punjab Young Doctors Association (YDA) declared strikes in Lahore too. The strike of 2012 reported 11 deaths during the protest. If the constant functioning of a hospital is hindered by a strike, it may put many lives at risk. Thus, shutting down hospitals and protesting is really not the best solution.

Agreed, at times a strike is the only option in order to have the government cater to demands; however, its consequences should never be ignored. Doctors should find an alternative solution for strikes; establish a union or opt for table talks with the authorities, for instance.

Similarly, the government should give doctors their genuine rights since they are important individuals of society who are serving the community.

Ramsha Tariq


Published in Dawn, April 25th, 2015

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