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Pildat report sees through transparent government: PTI

Pildat report sees through transparent government: PTI

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Punjab President Ejaz Chaudhry says the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat) report has exposed the performance and governance of the PML-N.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said Sharif brothers always bragged about transparency but the Pildat report stated that the PML-N government was least transparent. Now the politically aware people of Pakistan would not let the political elite plunder the wealth, he said.

He said transparency and more openness was required in mega projects for curbing corruption. But in the Sharif brothers rule, he said, contracts were being awarded to Chinese and Turkish companies through their biggest crony Saifur Rehman.

He said the nation had seen Sharif brothers soaking in corruption scandals of the 90s and now the same was happening with the LNG deal with Qatar and Metro Bus projects.

PTI Punjab General Secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid said the report was the reflection of sentiments of the public and every one knew that the PML-N had badly failed to deliver in any sector. She said the economy was on downward spiral with rampant loadshedding that had destroyed the industry as well as farmers.

She said the PML-N government never shared the details of agreements and they even did not bother to consult parliament. “No one knows about the Chinese investment policy whether it is investment or loan,” she added. She said it was a fundamental and basic right of tax payers to be informed about where and how their tax money was being spent.

Information Secretary Andleeb Abbas said transparency had become a joke in Pakistan as shady deals of the PML-N government amounted to crime against nation and its economy. She questioned where was Adil Gilani of Transparency International and why was he not coming out and speaking about the ongoing loot and plunder of the PML-N government. She claimed that it was being reported in the news channels that Gilani was working for the Prime Minster’s House. She said Sharif brothers had tarnished country’s reputation and ironically they were least interested in transparent running of government affairs. She said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had revolutionised the transparency concept with its historic right to information law. Neither the federal nor other provincial governments wanted to make things more transparent, she observed.

Published in Dawn, May 8th, 2015

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