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Is syllabus a Kashmir issue?

Is syllabus a Kashmir issue?

I HAVE recently read that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has introduced its own syllabus. Then I read that ‘constitutional development’ has been added to the Punjab syllabus.

I am also told that such and such a thing has been added to or deleted from what is being followed and taught in schools. All such news makes me laugh.

One, that these changes in syllabi are made by people who have nothing to do with education. Second, every political leader makes it a point-scoring device and what amazes me is that not 10 educationists in 200 million can seriously sit and formulate a national syllabus which should be made mandatory for all schools to follow, be it Turbat, Mando Khel or Lahore.

Can these national syllabi incorporate material of national interest and of our history? Can we have simple physics, maths, history, geography, chemistry and biology, besides English and Urdu or one local provincial language?

Why is syllabi-making as difficult as the Kashmir issue? Don’t we have educationists or do we lack capability of formulating what needs to be taught to our juniors and how? The truth is that syllabi have been given to the people who don’t have the foggiest idea about education. Syllabi development is a professional job and only professionals can do and not the babus or relatives of Sharif brothers, nor it is the job of all-rounder cricketers or the World Cup winner and surely not of people fond of Ayyans.

For once, let professionals act and do something worthwhile.

A. Habib


Published in Dawn, May 18th, 2015

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