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THIS is apropos of Mubarak Ali’s article ‘Understanding Aurangzeb’ (May 24). I do agree with Mr Ali’s stance that one should read history in its true perspective.

It is important to understand what Aurangzeb did to his father Shah Jahan and brother Dara Shikoh was for the sake of his own political interest.

However, Shah Jahan and especially Dara who was the crown prince and would have been successor of the throne believed in pluralism (harmonious coexistence) and tolerance.

Dara was also popular among the people for his intellectual capacity.

What Aurangzeb did to his family was not for religious purposes but only for making political gains.

One can still witness the architectural contribution and the library in Delhi which is credited to Dara Shikoh and even textbooks in India teach about his life and policy of peaceful co-existence. On the other hand, in Pakistan, our textbooks teach about Aurangzeb’s orthodox views which create hatred and intolerance for non-Muslims.

It is time that the contents of textbooks were reviewed and all hatred material was edited from the curriculum.

Farhan Jumani

Published in Dawn, May 26th, 2015

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