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Backing up photographs and videos on the cloud

Backing up photographs and videos on the cloud

With the increase in megapixels count and quality of smartphone cameras every few months, the utility of carrying DSLRs is slowly becoming extinct. When we have such capable point and shoot devices in our pockets, on the go photography and video recording have become so much easier. Problems arise when photography buffs encounter problems in the shape of low storage warnings on their smartphones due to a large number of photos saved on their memory cards or internal storage. And then of course, you run the risk of losing all your treasured photos if you happen to lose your phone. It’s quite baffling that despite the presence of so many cloud storage providers people rarely back-up their photographs. Unfortunately, due to space constraints we are only able to highlight two such services:


Before Instagram became popular, Flickr ruled the roost when it came to sharing and uploading our photographs online. With an option of free one terabyte of storage available, nothing beats Flickr. With an array of smartphone apps for Android and iOS, saving your photographs and videos on the go is a breeze. To download for Android go to: and iOS:

For Flickr, it is mandatory to have a Yahoo account. The interface is very simple and upon logging into the Android or iOS apps, follow the instructions given.

Click on ‘Privacy and Safety’ after accessing preferences. Privacy and Safety window opens up as shown above, where you can tinker with the settings whether you want your photo gallery to be public or private. You can also turn SafeSearch filter on, along with locating privacy to secure your uploaded photographs. Be warned: uploading a large library of photographs and videos will take time depending on your internet upload speed. Your library is also accessible on the web.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive offers a compelling alternative to other popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive, with 15GB of free storage available on sign up, and options to earn more free space through actions and referrals. Turning Camera back-up option on your Android or iOS device gives you an extra whopping 15GB of extra space! All your uploaded photographs are private by default and not accessible to the general public. To download for Android use the URL: and for iOS:

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, May 31st, 2015

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