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Comedy troupe Bhai Log Company is ready for a comeback

Comedy troupe Bhai Log Company is ready for a comeback

A comedy troupe trusted to take the mickey out of those in the limelight, the Bhai Log Company has announced its comeback in a teaser image put up on its Facebook page and website.

If there's a scandal waiting to be satirised nowadays, it's fake degrees — and the guys at Bhailog aren't letting the opportunity slip. In the teaser that announces their upcoming production in August, they've managed to poke fun at a popular religious TV show host and the false rumour about his involvement in the scandal.

"We're sticking to our usual themes like the social divides in Pakistan and extremism," shared troupe member Kamran Bozai about their latest act, which has been tentatively titled The Langar Games, adding that of course fake degrees and jailed models will also be part of their material for the new show.

According to the Bhai Log Company website, this new show will take place on August 8 at Karachi's Royal Rodale Club. At present, the troupe is two members short due to their unavailability, and it'll be Bozai, Sunil Pervez, Shahzeb Abbasi and Adeel Azhar who will be performing.

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Bhai Log Company is an all-male comedy troupe comprised of IBA graduates, who put up their first act when they were still university students in 2002. Although their jokes veer towards the bawdy at times, the company has its heart in the right place: "We believe that accepting humour is the only way which can make a society tolerant towards other people's opinions and beliefs," reads their motto on the website.

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