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Sindh: obsolete syllabus

Sindh: obsolete syllabus

THE syllabus followed in Sindh’s schools and colleges is obsolete. The Sindh Textbook Board has been publishing books since 1970.

Books on science subjects like biology, physics and chemistry have not been revised and are hence worthless.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan formed a scientific library in 1870 which translated into books written in English and other foreign languages into Urdu. This helped students to grasp knowledge and keep in touch with modern education.

Unfortunately, we in this modern era are not able to build libraries like Sir Syed did and are not even able to change outdated syllabi, which are being followed in colleges just to pass examinations.

It is time the Sindh education department woke up.

Abdul Hafeez


Published in Dawn, June 8th, 2015

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