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Legalise abortion

Legalise abortion

APROPOS Rafia Zakaria’s article ‘Pakistan’s gone girls’ (July 1). I am surprised that more than 100,000 sex selective abortions are performed every year in Pakistan and maybe much more abortions are done for various other reasons.

Unfortunately, many who end up going to quacks die or end up with severe complications because performing abortion is illegal in our country. Doctors who do perform illegal abortions charge a hefty amount.

We should never allow a sex selective abortion; rather it should be legalised during the first trimester of pregnancy in cases of rape, incest, out-of-wedlock and on personal and medical grounds. A woman has the right to decide whether she wants to continue the pregnancy or not.

We should also educate them in family planning. Our family planning department is almost non-existent. Lack of education in family planning often leads to unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Legalising abortion would save the lives of our women because they would go to qualified doctors and not to quacks. Banning is no solution. Legalise abortion.

Dr Khurrum Fiazuddin


Published in Dawn, July 10th, 2015

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