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Wrong Number was a learning experience for me: Danish Taimoor

Wrong Number was a learning experience for me: Danish Taimoor

Would you believe that the angry young man of Jalaibee isn’t angry anymore? In fact, he's now an aspiring actor willing to go to any lengths to fulfill his dream! Yes, we are talking about actor Danish Taimoor whose second feature film, Yasir Nawaz's Wrong Number, released this Eid.

In a tête-à-tête with, Danish Taimoor talks about his aspirations, co-stars and experience of working with Yasir Nawaz. Excerpts:

How is Wrong Number different from your debut flick Jalaibee that was released earlier this year?

Danish Taimoor (DT): Both films are quite different from each other, if you ask me. Jalaibee was a crime caper, this one is a masala film with the right ingredients such as comedy, romance and action. Even my role is different — in Jalaibee I was an arrogant young man; whereas, here, I am very different!

Every actor claims that his next role will be different; how can you justify your claim?

DT: I really don’t have to justify that because I know that it hasn’t been performed before. I play the son of a butcher in this film and I have never seen any actor perform the role of a qasayi ka beta, anywhere in the world. The catchy part about the role is that the son wants to become a hero since he is good looking and talented. You will see the difference when you will get to watch the film.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that out of all the actors in the movie, you were the one who gave his blood and sweat to his performance.

DT: (Laughs) Oh yes I did. Since I agreed to perform all of my stunts in the movie, I can’t complain. However, there was one incident I can’t forget. In that scene, I had to jump off a building and was to be supported by wires (off-screen). I was expecting some kind of machinery to support the wires but there were only four men who were supposed to get the job done. On the fourth take, the wire slipped from the hands of one of the men and I fell down. For the next few hours including the whole day and the whole night, I was in excruciating pain especially since I opted out of stitches as that would have disrupted the shooting. My foot was hurt but it got the job done, and that’s what matters in this business.

What about your own dancing skills… the trailers didn’t show you jumping around much?

DT: When I made my debut eight years ago, I used to dance in whatever commercials that were offered to me. Therefore, people shouldn’t be concerned about my dancing skills. I am a good dancer and it was fun to match the steps of my colleagues in the movie.

Both the actresses opposite you in the film – Sohai Ali Abro and Janita Asma – are new entrants to the big screen. How was the experience of working with them?

DT: Oh, it was great working with both of them. Sohai and Janita are passionate actresses and have proved their mettle on TV. They show no signs of being newcomers in the film because they have performed according to the requirement of their roles. I must say that Sohai is a fabulous dancer and her dance numbers will surprise even her most ardent TV fans.

Why do you think Wrong Number will do well in cinemas? How would you rate the experience of working alongside veterans Javed Sheikh and Shafqat Cheema?

DT: People in the subcontinent want masala flicks that have fight sequences, romance etc. Since this flick has all the right ingredients, I got to learn a lot from everyone – the actors and the director. The veterans were in full form and (Javed) Sheikh sahib guides you if you seek advice from him. I will say that the whole film was a learning experience for a newbie like me.

How different did you find Yasir Nawaz the film director from the one who calls the shots on TV?

DT: I have never been able to work with Yasir bhai on TV and that I must say is a good thing because when I was approached for the role, I said yes instantly. He isn't just a passionate director but also a wonderful actor who taught me new dynamics of acting. From what I have assessed, he must be a good director on TV as well and I will look forward to working with him in the future.

Now that you have the experience of working in both film and TV, can you tell us how the two mediums differ?

DT: An actor gets a lot of margin to perform in a film, something that he lacks on TV. On the big screen, even the getups don’t seem exaggerated. Best of all, you get the audience’s feedback the moment the film ends, which doesn’t happen on TV because we get delayed feedback, that too of collected episodes. Films are a winner for me here and I believe we are moving in the right direction; if new people will come into the film industry, it will progress in a better manner. I don’t believe that we are in the revival mode anymore; we have revived and now are in the development phase and those who will stand out now, will have a better future.

The audience is waiting for you to act opposite your wife Ayeza soon. When is that going to happen?

DT: Whenever we get a good script, we will say yes. There is no hard and fast rule that my wife will not work with me... if the script demands it, then why not!

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