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971 killed in first six months of 2015 in Karachi

971 killed in first six months of 2015 in Karachi

KARACHI: Over 970 people were murdered in the first half of 2015 — about 57 per cent less than the killings reported during the same period last year, it emerged on Tuesday.

The cases of extortion this year are 124 compared to 242 registered during the same period in 2014.

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According to a report compiled by the Sindh police and submitted to the provincial home department, “The murders and targeted killings in Karachi are all-time lowest.”

It said that the analysis of first six months “shows that average murders reported in 2015 are 2.7 per day as compared to 5.7 murders per day in 2014 and 8.9 murders per day in 2013 [for the same period]”.

The report claimed that since January 2015, some 479 suspects — including 133 allegedly associated with Al Qaeda and banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan — were killed in police actions.

It said 2,075 murders were reported in the first half of last year while the figures this year are 971, showing a difference of 1,104.

Similarly, last year saw 13 acts of terrorism as compared to five this year.

The report claimed that kidnapping for ransom ‘is eliminated from Sindh’. “No outstanding kidnappee is presently in the clutches of dacoits. During this year 16 criminals or dacoits involved in kidnapping for ransom are neutralised,” it added.

However, the report showed that seven cases of the kidnapping for ransom have been registered this year. Last year the figure was 31.

However, the decline in robbery cases was not as significant as other crimes.

The report said that 1,115 robbery cases had been reported compared to the 1,428 robberies by the end of June 2014.

It said that 193 murders or targeted killings were reported only in January last year, which was 109 the same month this year — again the highest of the year.

Last year, 185 cases were registered in February, 169 in March, 145 in April, 163 in May and 159 in June. The figures for the five months this year were 66, 71, 68, 68 and 67.

Some 133 suspected militants were killed in alleged encounters with the law enforcement agencies by the end of June while another 62 were arrested.

Of them, 98 belonged to TTP, 11 to Al Qaeda, six to the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and one belonged to proscribed Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan.

Those arrested including 45 suspected militants of TTP, six of Al Qaeda and seven of the outlawed SSP.

The law-enforcers also killed 17 suspects and arrested four belonged to other militant outfits.

The report said that 346 other criminals — 53 ‘target killers’, 16 kidnappers, 81 members of various gangs in Lyari and 196 robbers or other criminals — had been killed in police encounters during the first six months of 2015.

Some 4,813 outlaws arrested, which included 62 ‘terrorists’, 54 ‘target killers’, 10 kidnappers and 47 Lyari gangsters.

From January to June, said the report, the police recovered 426 kilograms of explosives, 14 light-machine guns, 10 G-3 rifles, 11 bombs, seven rocket-propelled grenades, 23 suicide vests, 337 grenades, 221 Kalashnikovs, 733 rifles or shotguns and 4,789 pistols or revolvers.

The law-enforcers also seized three ‘bomb-making factories’ during the six months — two in Karachi and another in Shikarpur.

About extortion, the report said that the comparative crime figures showed that “there is a marked 60 per cent decline”.

“The positive impact is felt by all segments of society and efforts made by the police are highly appreciated by general public across Sindh,” claimed the report.

It said last year a total of 295 complaints of extortion were filed and 245 FIRs were registered. Of them, 43 were detected and 48 accused were arrested. This year, in the corresponding period 111 complaints were filed and 118 FIRs were registered, 69 were detected and 85 accused were arrested.

The report called Lyari a success story as 81 gangsters were killed in encounters this year.

Published in Dawn, July 22th, 2015

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