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NFC lessons

NFC lessons

REFERENCE Marc-André Franche’s article ‘NFC lessons’ (July 23). The writer has portrayed a poor picture of the National Finance Commission award.

He is the country director here and my question to him is: how many people will benefit from the NFC award in Sindh?

His stress is on the monitoring and evaluating mechanism, but in a country where corruption is rife, where the majority finds it hard to educate children, where health and employment opportunities are very poor, how could, in such a situation, the NFC award work smoothly?

On the other hand, anti-state elements are working against our national interests.Mr Franche also said: “The impact of the seventh NFC award has also been weak”. My question is: what has the UNDP done to strengthen the impact?

In addition, the UNDP Pakistan must understand the causes of Pakistan’s environment problems to help the government find sustainable solutions. It should also ask its attached offices to show the progress report of their projects aimed at resolving social problems.

The UNDP should revisit its policies and restructure its programmes to improve good governance by building capacity and work in Sindh as it has been working in Kkyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

I hope the upcoming UNDP projects will be based on improving social benefits and innovations for the people.

Furqan Hyder Shaikh

Published in Dawn, August 7th, 2015

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