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‘Education and careers’

‘Education and careers’

APROPOS the article ‘Education and Careers’ by Mr Faisal Bari (Aug 14). I can relate to the issue highlighted by Mr Faisal Bari as I was also told by my father to pursue a bachelors degree in economics back in 2010.

I was supposed to have completed my degree in 2014, but this is 2015 and I am still pursuing my degree, mainly due to lack of interest.

A delay in acquiring a degree has quite a few downsides like concerned relatives, neighbours and even university professors making life more miserable than it already is over a delayed degree. One is made to feel as if one is good at nothing, in short, a victim of a never-ending depression and pessimism.

I can only speak for myself and some of my friends who are in the same boat, as all of us regret that if we had only listened to our inner voice and opted for a career that we wanted to pursue, things would have been different.

I have penned these lines as a plea to tell those parents who force their children to pursue a career which they think is rewarding. They should allow their children to pursue their dreams.

Mujahid Awan

Published in Dawn, August 19th, 2015

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