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‘National anthem’

‘National anthem’

THIS is apropos the letter “National anthem” (Aug 25). While the anthem might be full of ‘deep meanings and perfection’, its inclusion in the school curriculum would not be as effective as expected.

Whenever something is included in the syllabus, it automatically loses its appeal, and the most meaningful pieces are rendered bland and burdensome in the students’ minds.

Besides, there is a difference between studying something in school and actually internalising it: studying is simply what most students do to pass examinations, superficially memorising information and regurgitating it (at least that is what happens in the traditional Pakistani education system). Internalising, in contrast, is tantamount to appreciating the content taught and to incorporating it within oneself. Even if we consider the current school curriculum, how many of the students are actually thinking critically about the topics they learn at school?

Thus, even if the national anthem is included in school curriculum, students cannot be expected to do anything beyond superficially memorising it.

After all, most youngsters cannot truly appreciate the value of a literary piece unless they are personally interested in it, as opposed to studying it for school. Instead of making changes to school syllabus, effort should be put into creating educational forms of entertainment (such as animated TV series) aimed at educating youngsters in an engaging, edifying manner.

Sandhya Karamat Barlaas

Bagh, Azad Kashmir

Published in Dawn, August 27th, 2015

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