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Website review: Kids Think Design

Website review: Kids Think Design

WE see a lot of new stuff in almost all fields these days. Everyone tries to impress others with their unique abilities and skills either in arts, technology, fashion, graphics, architecture, web and many more as the list of fields is never ending.

You may have also got impressed by a fashion or a graphic and would have thought that one day you will make something even more unique. Perhaps, it’s time that you kids should learn and polish your skills in various fields across a range of ‘design industries’ on KidsThinkDesign; however, after giving your parents’ or teacher’s email if you wish to submit your designs.

The site is broken down into sections such as fashion, graphics, interiors, books, products, film and theatre, architecture, animation and environmental design. They’re all introduced through informational snippets such as the functional design of chairs, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, DKNY runway stills, Spider-Man costume concepts, and Pixar animator biographies. Each design category is accompanied by a list of related sites and books, a couple DIY projects, and the opportunity to submit your original design idea.

The basic idea of the website is to promote design thinking and provide a showcase to kids’ projects while also connecting them with creative professionals, inspiring future designers, and promotes design thinking. You can also learn about designers from past, explore the lingo and important concepts for that field of design and try your skills on a design project. There are also recommended websites and books, all of which are also available in the online store.

The site is focussed on children who are nine years or more of age and interested in exploring the world of design industries and the multiple branches within each industry.

To explore your favourite field of design visit:

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