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Moment by moment

KARACHI: Photograp­hers are an interesting lot. By trying to tell art lovers, albeit in a roundabout way, that life is all about living in the moment, since they capture significant moments, they actually intend to focus on the fullness of life. This means that it is by connecting all those moments that we can have a fair idea of how to deal with issues related to existence. A photo exhibition titled Sub rang, rub rang by a two-person group called Hma’Zeest at the Art Chowk Gallery is a cogent example of the observation. As can be guessed, the idea here is to form, in a manner of speaking, an all-encompassing view of life, suggesting that the divine element shrouds the whole of mankind and not just one particular geographical area or society.

This is the reason that the black and white and colour photographs put on display cover three countries, Pakistan, Turkey and Canada, and hence two continents. The images vary from landscapes to modern-day construction sites to the wonders of nature. The interesting thing is: if you didn’t know which country the photograph was taken in, it wouldn’t matter.

The show begins with an image from Toronto, Canada, of what looks like an air show. The black and white final product is managed intelligently because it challenges the viewer to interpret the picture. On surface, it looks like an uncomplicated, simple shot. It is not.

The scene immediately shifts to Sujawal, Pakistan. It’s a long shot enveloping the unassuming people of that region, the vast expanse of land and water. There’s a rustic touch to the photo, which is quite nice.

No city in Pakistan, perhaps, gives more room for creative exploration to a creative person than Karachi. It would be futile to go into the reasons of it, because… it’s obvious. What Hma’Zeest (comprising Owaish Shaikh and Jahanzaib Najam) does is that it doesn’t depict Karachi as a city marred by upheaval; rather it taps into its aesthetic side by investigating those aspects of it which have to do with nature and with construction, not destruction.

The exhibition will conclude on Saturday, Sept 5.

Published in Dawn, September 5th, 2015

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