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From the past pages of dawn: 1965: Fifty years ago: Enemy suffers blows

From the past pages of dawn: 1965: Fifty years ago: Enemy suffers blows

KARACHI: While the Indian Army’s treacherous thrust on three fronts in West Pakistan has been beaten back by the gallant Pakistan troops, the Pakistan Air Force struck hard blows at the enemy yesterday and destroyed as many as 31 Indian aircraft, bringing their total bag to 53 within 24 hours. An Indian Government spokesman in New Delhi admitted that the three-pronged Indian invasion of the Lahore area has been halted by the Pakistan Army.

PAF fighters yesterday strafed Indian Air Force bases in Srinagar, Jamnagar, along the borders of East Pakistan and elsewhere, destroying several Indian planes. One Indian Mystere had been shot down earlier while the enemy made an unsuccessful air raid on Sargodha. The Indian Air Force yesterday again savagely bombed civilian populations in Rawalpindi, Karachi, and in Dacca, Chittagong, and several other places in East Pakistan.

[Meanwhile, as reported by agencies from Peking], China today [Sept 7] condemned India for her aggression against Pakistan and solemnly warned the Indian Government that it would bear the responsibilities for any consequences arising out of its “criminal aggression.”

In the first public statement on the Indian invasion of West Pakistan a Chinese Government statement said it was not only a “crude violation” of all principles guiding international conduct but it was also a threat to the peace of Asia.

The statement said that the Chinese Govern­ment sternly condemned India for its “criminal aggression and expressed firm support for Pakistan” in its just struggle against aggression. The statement said China was “strengthening its defences and heightening its alertness along its borders” in the wake of India’s aggressive acts.

India’s armed aggression against Pakistan is another exposure of the chauvinist and expansionist features of its ruling circles. The Indian Government has never ceased for a single day its activities — of encroaching upon its neighbours, wherever possible. Almost every neighbour of India has known this.

Published in Dawn, September 8th, 2015

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