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Our media and China

Our media and China

OUR media, both print and visual, failed to adequately cover the historic anniversary held in Beijing on Thursday. Just imagine the saga of China’s leap from a war-torn and ruined country to a country reaching out to the moon and beyond. This is our attitude towards a country which we do not tire of claiming our closest friend!

The BBC has covered the anniversary in China. Words fail to describe the highly organised, disciplined and thrilling show organised by the Chinese state. All working like a clockwork. This is the China today vying with the US in every field. In 1949, it lay prostate.

As usual BBC could not repress its misplaced fear of China posing a threat to Taiwan and perhaps other neighbors. Why has the BBC forgotten Hong Kong and Macao which China could reclaim by force just as India did to Goa and many princely states? The Chinese have allowed the mandate to run out in each case. Even then they floated and practiced the idea of “Two systems and one country.”

Taiwan, with the free movement of capital and citizens, has more or less paved the way for a peaceful reunion. The Chinese are well aware that they are powerful enough to use force, but they have decided to wait for a peaceful solution by history which is on their side.

F.H. Ansari


Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2015

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