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Rotten meat

Rotten meat

RECENT media reports state that a raiding team of the Punjab Food Authority seized sizable quantities of meat at a railway station that was procured from animals that were either unhealthy or had died even before they were slaughtered. The more alarming fact was the news that a part of this seized consignment was pig’s meat.

The source of this meat was traced back to a gang based in Rawalpindi and the shocking disclosure that this sordid business had been going on for a decade.

The media is also reporting that unscrupulous people are always on the lookout for donkeys, because their hides fetch high prices abroad and sell the carcass to gangs that supply spurious meat.

I wonder why do people abandon their moral and ethical values for a few coins of silver.

Madiha A. Hashmi


Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2015

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