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Misuse of antibiotics

Misuse of antibiotics

AS a medical practitioner, I fear the next inevitable crisis could be the emergence of resistant infections. The irrational and overuse of antibiotics to treat infections has given a fillip to the infecting pathogens to develop resistance. Thus common infections that were once easy to treat with simple antibiotics are difficult to cure even with the most specific medicines.

Three decades ago, when reliable studies started presenting statistics about the emerging trends of resistance in infection-causing organism against antibiotic drugs, most of the countries streamlined their health policies accordingly.

Extensive energies were spent in formulating and implementing new guidelines and rules to prevent irrational and overuse of antibiotics as well as discovering new alternate anti-microbial drugs.

Statistics show that morbidity and mortality rates due to resistant infections are much high when compared to regional counties. The emerging trends of antibiotic resistant infections not only increase the cost of therapy but also limit the use of alternative antibiotic medicines to treat such infections.

Modern healthcare requires an efficient administrative system as well as the political will to prevent spread of difficult-to-treat infections.

Dr Zaib Ali Shaheryar


Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2015

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