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Shopping mall and brutality to child

Shopping mall and brutality to child

RECENTLY I visited a shopping mall in Clifton. As we were approaching the mall, we saw some security guards of the mall dragging a small boy away and beating him mercilessly.

The only crime of the boy was that he was selling small packs of tissue papers close to the entrance of the mall. The beating was so brutal that the boy continued to plead ‘have mercy on me’. The guards did not listen.

My grandmother intervened and asked the guards to let the boy go. After an exchange of harsh words, the boy was let go. He was bleeding profusely from his forehead and had to use some of the tissues that he was trying to sell to wipe the blood.

The saddest part of this episode was that many cars and people went past us but nobody pulled up besides us to rescue the boy. I am a 12-year-old child myself and sympathised with the boy. When I went inside, nobody in the management was willing to listen to me on this count.

Every child, from rich or poor families, has a right to live and walk around freely. Some people make them slaves and push them into beggary. I observe that these people are seldom punished and small children, like the boy I saw, face brutal responses from the police or private security guards.

Arfah Ahmed

Published in Dawn, September 16th, 2015

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