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Bureaucracy reform

Bureaucracy reform

Apropos the editorial ‘Bureaucracy reform’ (Sept 16). The massive shake-up in bureaucracy, including cluster-base examinations, allows it to hire from the private sector and give high salaries.

However, it is sad to know that the current changes are prepared by those who are more incompetent than CSS officers. The cluster-based system is the robbery of raw talent and should never be implemented. People from far-off areas will be directly affected. For example, in the previous system, a BA private graduate and a best university graduate had the same opportunity to compete in the examination.

But, according to the new system, a BA private graduate has no weightage and a regular university candidate is more likely to be selected. This is not the end. If anyone has a foreign university degree, he will fulfil the selection criteria with flying colours.

It is also reported that the government wanted selection criteria like that of the private sector for the CSS. Everyone knows the private sector selection criterion is intercession. Now the government wants this system to apply to the CSS. This is ridiculous. A friend of mine studied in a top engineering university of Pakistan but never found a job in the private sector despite having a good grade, and he ended up qualifyng the CSS examinations. It is the only examination which values talent.Please do not mess up this system.

S. Imtiaz Ahmed

Published in Dawn, September 18th, 2015

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