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Lahore XI vs Karachi XI: Who will win Pakistan's all-star 'Clásico'?

Lahore XI vs Karachi XI: Who will win Pakistan's all-star 'Clásico'?

The Lahore versus Karachi cricketing rivalry is as old as partition itself.

While Lahore has usually produced the aggressive bowlers, and Karachi the gritty batsmen, cricketers from both major Pakistani cities have often competed for the same positions in the national team. Although this competition has mostly been healthy, it has occasionally led to friction.

This leads to a simple question: What would the all-time elevens for these cities look like? And, if they were involved in a cricketing match, who would win?

Yes, it is a query as loaded as asking who won the 1965 war, if Goku could defeat Superman, and whether biryani is better than pulao. (Please keep in mind that this article is for entertainment purposes only. All complaints, death threats, and the like can be directed to: [email protected])

Naturally, a game between these two proud cities would be a five-day encounter, which is an ultimate test of skill, endurance, and when Hanif Mohammad was batting, the viewers’ ability to stay focussed.

Any player born in Karachi or Lahore automatically qualifies for their respective team. Players born in another city who have adopted either Karachi or Lahore and have played the majority of their cricket for the city in question also qualify.

Some cricketers were chosen ahead of others to balance their team. Sadly, my favorite cricketer, Waqar Younis, could not make the cut as he is too much of a jetsetter to belong to any one city.

(Statistics: ESPN Cricinfo)

1 Saeed Anwar

The greatest opener Pakistan ever produced and a naturally gifted timer of the ball. His most glaring weakness was his tendency to flirt with the moving ball outside his off stump early on in his innings. Although his record is excellent, it doesn’t reflect the true depth of his talents.

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