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Living Colours: ‘Pakistani audience are very open-minded’

Living Colours: ‘Pakistani audience are very open-minded’

Anne-Kathrin Klatt is a German puppeteer and choreographer who was recently visiting Pakistan on the invitation of the Goethe Institute in Karachi.

Michael Miensopust from the Leitung Kinder und Jugendtheater (Children and Youth Theatre) in Berlin was in Pakistan with Anne and both of them worked with local artists in Karachi to direct an adaptation of The Jungle Book written by Michael. Dawn sat down with Anne to talk about her experience as a puppeteer, director and choreographer in Pakistan.

Q: What have you been working on in Pakistan?

A: The Goethe institute invited us to Karachi to work on an adaptation of The Jungle Book for which Michael wrote the script. We want to produce it here with local artists. I will be choreographing it and Michael will be directing. I also conducted a workshop and did a solo performance.

The workshop was a dance workshop and I don’t know if they are common in Pakistan. I don’t teach in a specific style, like ballet. Instead I teach creative dance where I show students how to express themselves through movements. I taught students how to use props to express themselves even better. It is the kind of choreography that is usually used in theatre. I have worked as a puppeteer for nearly 30 years. I started out at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart which is a school for dramatic arts and music. It was very experimental. I love how the puppet and the human body can move together to produce art.

Q: How was your experience of performing in Pakistan?

A: The audience here has a great sense and feeling for poetic movements on stage. They are interested in the substance and content of the performance and don’t want to be just entertained. They are very open-minded and have big hearts. Sometimes German audiences are difficult to reach because they sit there thinking about what everything means and don’t let themselves feel the performance. My experience here is so different. It is wonderful to get an immediate response.

Q: What is KlaMotte about?

A: KlaMotte is a play meant for young children, but we have had adults in the audience as well. It is a nonverbal performance about a moth in a paper bag. The moth wants to come out of the narrow, dark paper bag and makes a hole in it.

She then discovers the outside world which is strange and beautiful to her but is also slightly frightening.

The play is about freedom and what it means to be free and to transcend your limits. So far, the audiences have loved it.

Published in Dawn, November 5th, 2015

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