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Exhibition explores emotion through art

Exhibition explores emotion through art

ISLAMABAD: Faten Suleman’s exposure to the environment is the inspiration for most of her works.

Her perception of events, together with her own memories and fascination with the feminine form make up what audiences saw on canvas when her show opened on Saturday.

My Art World opened its doors to a solo art exhibition by the artist who graduated from the National College of Arts (NCA) Rawalpindi in 2012, with a major in painting.

Ms Suleman’s 14 pieces in the exhibition, titled ‘Klexos’, are visual journals of memories that have affected or changed her. According to the artist, klexos is an invented word to describe emotions that one has experience but did not have words for.

“All of my work carried a part of me until recently, when I realised how we think has been drafted in indelible ink and feel we cannot go back to obliterate the past, tweak our errors to fill in lost opportunities,” the artist said, explaining how her work was about dwelling within memories.

Ms Suleman uses the feminine form, which she believes is gorgeous in its natural form, as the medium through which to get her thoughts across.

The pose of a figure in rainbow-like colours, playing with or wrapped in black and white hair, expressed a mood. When she paints the figure, she not only expressed her own feelings but also left the viewer to engage with their personal experiences. She explained that figurative works are also impressions of herself.

The works were executed in mixed media – pencil, acrylic paint, watercolour, spray paint and collage on plastic mylar sheets.

Elaborating on the thought process behind one of her paintings, Ms Suleman explained how memories would not let go of her.

“It’s like a trap I cannot get out of. This other work, with the blindfolded figure, captures my thoughts of how we know things and are sure of them, but do not want to see them and would prefer to ignore them,” she said.

One of the other paintings were impressions of her relationships with friends, family and other members of society – the kinds of relationships she said she would like to change in ways she would prefer, but believed could end up in the wrong place.

She said the series began as simply painting the feminine form, which developed into the feeling of letting go of the past.

The exhibition will run until November 13.

Published in Dawn, November 8th, 2015

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