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PTI leaders divided over intra-party election

PTI leaders divided over intra-party election

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s top leaders in Punjab are divided over the question of another intra-party election announced by party chairman Imran Khan a few days ago.

Those opposing to the party elections argue that it is not right for such an exercise without organising the party at grassroots level.

The first intra-party elections held just before the 2013 polls are often blamed for creating rifts in the party and damaging it in the general elections. However, the ‘old guard’ strongly favours Imran Khan’s belief to carry on with his decisions – come what may.

It is reliably learnt that the caretaker set-up of the party leadership will be dissolved on Dec 20 and then around two months will be given to the party for membership campaign followed by intra-party election campaign –leading to the election.

PTI Punjab organiser Chaudhry Sarwar, though a bit subdued now, says time is not ripe for holding the intra-party elections because the party is yet to be organised at the grassroots level. He says the party’s membership was closed for the last two years and it is high time that party’s incumbent formation focus more on party membership and lobbying for party’s support for the next general elections.

“The intra-party elections, if unavoidable, should be held only for heads and deputy heads in the centre and provinces and then the elected leaders be allowed to organise the party as they wish and then held accountable on delivering results,” he says.

Mr Sarwar reiterated his concerns about the intra-party elections while speaking to the newly elected representatives of the local government at party chairman’s secretariat on Thursday.

PTI Chairman’s political advisor Abdul Aleem Khan also voiced his concerns about the intra-party elections at the convention.

However, PTI Chairman’s political advisor Ejaz Chaudhry, when contacted, said the party chairman had categorically stated that the caretaker set up of the party would be dissolved within days and party elections would be held within three months or so.

He said the party’s members were overwhelmed over the announcement of party elections and had started membership campaign and lobbying for their support. “We being the representatives of the middle class want that commoners should also be reflected among the party leadership,” he asserted.

Earlier, a convention of UCs’ representatives was held which was addressed by Chaudhry Sarwar, Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan.

Published in Dawn, December 11th, 2015

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