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Four ‘target killers’ from Karachi held in Islamabad

Four ‘target killers’ from Karachi held in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Four men allegedly involved in incidents of target killings in Karachi and robberies in the federal capital have been arrested here, Dawn has learnt through reliable sources.

Though the Capital police have kept quiet over the matter, some senior officials, who do not want to be named, have confirmed the arrests.

“The Capital police’s investigation wing made the arrests on Wednesday,” they said, adding that the suspects were affiliated to a Karachi-based political party.

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The arrests were made during an investigation into some incidents of robbery in Islamabad, most of them taking place outside banks and involving people who had drawn cash from banks,” the officials said.

During preliminarily investigation, they said, it transpired that the four had been hiding in Islamabad for 15 months. During this period, they regularly visited Karachi to accomplish ‘tasks’ assigned to them and then returned to Islamabad. Usually they were asked to kill some specified people.

The officials said that the four had committed over 45 robberies in Islamabad, killed a person and injured three others in four of the incidents.

During interrogation, they said, the four had revealed their activities in Karachi. “They have confessed to having killed several people in the city, particularly Korangi.”

The suspects said that they had committed over 50 robberies in the city and also collected extortion money and deposited it in the office of their political party, according to the officials.

They said that the investigators had been asked to contact Karachi police to obtain details/record of the crimes the four had committed in the city and proof of their affiliation with the political party.

Published in Dawn, December 11th, 2015

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