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Website review: Knoword

Website review: Knoword

EXERCISE is one of the ways to keeping our bodies healthy. However, not just our muscles, but our brain too needs exercising to be active, sharp and healthy.

While you may have played several vocabulary building games and exercises, it is always good to expand your language skills especially in a fun way that you don’t even realise you are actually learning spellings.

So here is Knoword — a website which helps exercise your analytical skills, improves your typing speed and enforces proper spelling habits.

Knoword is a clutter free site with no ads at all, you will notice just an intro and instructions of the game play on the homepage; hit the “Let’s go” button and you will be taken to a new page with the game — an empty box with the first letter of a word (that you have to guess) by reading definition of the word it’s referring to below the empty box. However, you are given only ‘one’ minute to solve the problem.

Guess the correct word and you’ll move on to the next puzzle. If you don’t know the answer, simply press the ‘X’ skip button. For every correct answer you get 20 points and plus five seconds, while for every skipped question you’ll have minus 10 points. You can also choose the difficulty level from Novice, Hotshot and Wizard, in the main menu at the top right side of the page.

The game can be played without signing up but your progress will not be saved and also, you won’t be able to share your results on the “Leader board” with others. So signing up is a better idea if you want to challenge yourself and compete with others.

Knoword is not only a fun and great website to while away time, but it is also a fantastic way to keep your mind in tip top condition.

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