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Artichive: Café Terrace at Night

Artichive:  Café Terrace at Night

Vincent van Gogh is considered one of the most eminent post-impressionist artist. He was an extremely emotional person who lacked self-assurance and struggled with his identify and direction in life. He started as a priest but later realised his potential as an artist. During his brief career he didn’t have much success, and was able to sell only one canvas and lived in poverty, starvation and burned the candle at both ends. His brother, Theo, supported him generously all through his creative period.

“Cafe Terrace at Night” oil on canvas, sized 31.8 inches × 25.7 inches, was painted in 1888; it was the first painting where the artist used a nocturnal background. The canvas belongs to his Arles period when his style became very light, less moralistic and more colourful. By using contrasting hues and tones, Van Gogh achieves a gleaming surface which pulses with an interior light, defying the dim sky. The painting is displayed at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands.— E.J.

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, January 17th, 2016

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