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Air travellers stranded amid chaos at airport

Air travellers stranded amid chaos at airport

KARACHI: Amid chaos at the Jinnah International Airport following the PIA workers’ protest against the proposed privatisation of the airline getting out of control and tightening of security on Tuesday, many passengers and their families were found confused about where to go or what to do.

Most PIA flights were postponed though private airlines were doing their usual business.

Checking tickets of passengers heading to the domestic and international departures, the Airports Security Force (ASF) wouldn’t let anyone other than their vehicle drivers accompany them. And even the drivers were expected to return immediately, while others who wanted to see the passengers off could forget about that.

“Our maternal uncle passed away in Islamabad this morning and our mother has to go there. She is not a frequent flier and is old and panicky anyway. Now in her confusion and rush, she left her handbag behind before getting off at domestic departures. We want to take it to her but how?” her son Mohammad Rashid, standing helplessly outside the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gate up ahead on Airport Road with his two worried sisters, told Dawn.

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