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Danish envoy praises high quality of Swati handicrafts

Danish envoy praises high quality of Swati handicrafts

MINGORA: Visitors thronged an exhibition of traditional handicrafts, hand-woven shawls and decorative products of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly Swat, here on Thursday.

Different stalls of the handmade products, embroidery, pots and baskets, shawls, women’s dresses, jewellery and other handicrafts of great artistic skills, designed and created by women, were put on display at the exhibition, which was organised by Khwendo Kor in collaboration with the Centre for Culture and Development and the Danish embassy.

Jakob Rogild Jakobsen, deputy head of the mission in Danish embassy, showed great interest in different items displayed at the exhibition and said that the Danish people valued the traditional handmade art and products highly.

He said that he was happy to see some beautiful handmade products featuring local culture prepared by women.

“I see very high quality handicrafts here in the exhibition with beautiful designs and believe the exhibition will introduce these nifty artworks and products to larger viewers and customers which in turn will enhance the local women’s capabilities towards their livelihood, peace and stabilisation,” he told Dawn.

He said that the Danish government valued handmade art and skill very much and was helping to promote the sector as part of the development collaboration with the government of Pakistan.

“People of Denmark are very good designers and they are strong in furniture designs and very good in architecture and they love other countries’ handmade art and products,” he said. Local visitors also took keen interest in the traditional handicrafts and said that exhibitions of products made by women were a practical opportunity to see and buy beautiful products.

“It is good to see the handicrafts made by women in different parts of Swat. Every product exhibits high skill and hard work,” said Nasreen, a woman who visited the exhibition with her family. She said that women in Swat were highly skillful but the government did not pay attention to their craft.

Skilled women of Swat valley who displayed their items on stalls said that Swati stitch and handicrafts were liked throughout the country for their unique designs.

“Swati hand-woven shawls and the unique embroidery are also popular in foreign countries,” said Amna Khan, a skilled woman who was selling Swati products. She said that exhibitions were essential as many people got the opportunity to see and buy the products.

Visitors at the exhibition said that people still loved handicrafts as they gave a sense of reality and ownership.

Organisers of the event said that the exhibition was intended to bring the skilled women on one platform under the Effective Artisan Network and they started the exhibition series from Swat.

“Products of those skilled women who along with their domestic chores produce handicrafts and earn income have been displayed for sale and better exposure,” said Saima Amjad, a representative of Khwendo Kor.

Published in Dawn, August 5th, 2016

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