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Nullah Dek ravages 52 villages

Nullah Dek ravages 52 villages

SIALKOT: Flood waters on Sunday inundated as many as 30 villages in Pasrur tehsil and 22 in Zafarwal-Sialkot, wreaking havoc on paddy, fodder and other seasonal crops.

The villages hit by the swollen Nullah Dek included Kaallowai Khurd, Takhtpur, Poohla, Waahley, Kheerey, Seejowali, Islampura Bhoond, Chak Dhullaarey, Chak Qureshiyaan, Fatehpur, Ooncha Pahaarang, Kotli Virkaan, Punj Grayeen Bajwa, Mian Harpal, Bhaag, Kamley, Kotl Momin, Hussah Jujja, Basu Pannu, Sokan Wind, Pejoki, Chhichhariyaali, Nandpur, Chhaangi, Kalaaswala, Bhaarat, Bakhatpur, Kotli Khwaja, Khewa Bajwa and Talwandi Inayat Khan.

Sialkot District Coordination Officer (DCO) Dr. Asif Tufail said a peak of 36,300 cusecs on Sunday passed through Nullah Dek near Chahoor-Pasrur, which has the capacity of 25,000 cusecs. The flooding inundated 30 villages in Pasrur tehsil.

Earlier, 22 villages in Zafarwal were submerged by water.

The DCO said there was high level flood in the Chenab with 311,840 cusec flow at Head Marala near Sialkot. He said the river Tavi was also in high flood with 27,444 cusec flow.

According to locals, about three to four feet water was passing through the flood-hit villages and the torrential rains in Sialkot region were also creating hurdles in relief activities.

Federal Law Minister Zahid Hamid, Punjab Minister for Ushr and Zakat Malik Nadeem Kamran (chairman Punjab cabinet’s committee for flood), DCO Asif Tufail, and Punjab Irrigation Secretary Saif Anjum on Sunday visited the flood-tossed areas and reviewed relief activities there.The Sialkot region witnessed 37.2 mm rain on Sunday, said Additional District Commissioner General Dr. Umer Sher Chatta.

He said Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur cities were hit by torrential rains as a result business activities remained suspended.

CHINIOT: The district administration on Sunday issued a flood warning to low-lying areas and villages as 356,000 cusec water would pass through Chiniot (the Chenab) on Monday afternoon. The warning was issued to low-lying villages along both sides of the Chenab, including Rao Bagh, Dhusri, Salaray, Mathrooma, Bokharian and Rashida.

A meeting held with DCO Muhammad Ayub Khan in the chair reviewed the preparedness in case the flood hit Chiniot villages.

Nine flood control and information centres have been established across three tehsils of Chiniot along with a central control room at DCO office.

Rescue 1122 District Officer Tahira Khan told the meeting that they had sufficient boats and trained volunteers to cope with any evacuation operation.

Published in Dawn, August 8th, 2016

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