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Diva Restaurant’s barbeque, location make it a crowd-pleaser

Diva Restaurant’s barbeque, location make it a crowd-pleaser

RAWALPINDI: While there are many outlets in the garrison city known for great food, Diva Restaurant stands out for its barbeque as well as its location.

Next to the Cinepax cinema in Jinnah Park, Diva opened its doors in 2007 and remains a favourite for foodies from the twin cities. In addition to traditional cuisine, it is also known for its popular Mexican steak and Death by Chocolate cake.

One of the restaurant’s best qualities is its outdoor seating area. Tables are set up near fountains, and barbeque is served late into the night. In the afternoon, the space is mainly occupied by students partaking in milkshakes, French fries and other snacks.

For desi food enthusiasts, Diva offers many favourites, such as palak paneer, khattay aloo, daal, biryani, and barbequed tikkas and kebabs.

“Most people visit the restaurant for its barbeque dishes. Everything we make is fresh and hygienic. For a limited time at night, for dinner, the meat dishes are made fresh,” said restaurant manager Sajjad Hussain.

He said the restaurant opened nine years ago aiming to provide a superior experience to food lovers, and maintained that the environment and food at Diva was better than other eateries in town.

Diva’s Bahria Town branch also boasts an appealing environment. Located near the Soan River, Mr Hussain said its riverside setting in particular entices customers. “Renovation work in going there, and it will be open to the public soon,” he said.

The environment of the restaurant is indeed important to its customers, many of whom prefer an eating experience nestled within a green area.

“I usually go to restaurants with good food and a nice environment. The food at the restaurant in Jinnah Park is far better than others in Saddar,” Mohammad Qamar, who lives in Chaklala Scheme-III, said about Diva.

He said the barbequed tikka and kebab were always a good option, and noted that the food at Diva was more flavourful than other restaurants.

University student Sobia Rasheed said she preferred barbeque to continental dishes, and usually went to restaurants that offer barbeque dishes, particularly those with an appealing environment and traditional recipes.

Mohammad Taimoor, meanwhile, said the best thing about Diva Restaurant was its location. He said its location inside a public park was what attracted most people to it, but added:

“The restaurant with quality food and the best service will always attract people, whether it is located in a narrow street downtown or on a main road or in a park.”

Published in Dawn September 5th, 2016

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