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Priyanka as Asha

Priyanka as Asha

The legendary playback singer Asha Bhonsle recently celebrated her 83rd birthday. Boy oh boy, she doesn’t look that old, nor does her voice give away any indication that she’s no more a spring chicken. So happy belated, Ashaji.

The one interesting thing that happened on her birthday was her reply to a question put to her by a media person regarding which actress should play her if a film was made on the singer’s life and work. She instantly replied Priyanka Chopra. She reasoned that the actress can act and sing, and therefore she’d know how a singer emotes when s/he sings.

Okie dokie… Ashaji on both counts (acting and singing) you’re being extraordinarily generous towards Priyanka.

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, September 18th, 2016

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