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California Pizza launches a 'ranchy' new flavour

California Pizza launches a 'ranchy' new flavour

Who doesn't love pizza? It's the only triangle that ever made sense to us, tbh.

But not every pizza is the same — you have your favourites and we have ours. However, when we got an offer to try out California Pizza's newly launched Ranch flavor, needless to say, we were pretty excited.

The new Ranch flavour contains chicken fajita, red and green peppers, mushrooms and jalapenos. And the ranch dressing is a secret recipe California Pizza concocted which includes red peppers.


I enjoyed the pizza, but struggled to taste the ranch at times. I felt its flavour should have had more presence on the pizza than just an added creaminess to the cheese.

On the whole, it's a pretty good pizza. It's not as spicy as was promised and more ranch would really help bring out the flavour.


My favourite part of the pizza was the crust — not too crispy, not too soft.

The cheese could have had a more distinct taste.

The overall flavour was somewhat similar to desi tandoori chicken.


It was hot and fresh, but there could have been more ranch dressing on the pizza.

The dough to cheese ratio was perfect, but it could have had more flavour.

The peppers were not too spicy. I have zero tolerance for spices so this was easy to consume.

In all. the pizza was satisfactory, especially if eaten hot off the pan. For those interested in Ranch, this is a good start.

Brand side: California Pizza has set another new bench mark for other pizza brands. Their Ranch Pizza is what they had promised that it would be and hope they continue setting new benchmarks.

The production of this content paid for by California Pizza is editorially independent of the sponsor.

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