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‘Diabetics should lead an active lifestyle’

‘Diabetics should lead an active lifestyle’

ISLAMABAD: Diabetics can live a normal life by assuring an active lifestyle and following the directions of health experts, former captain of the Pakistan cricket team Wasim Akram said at a seminar on Wednesday.

While speaking to guests at a seminar and walk held in connection with World Diabetes Day at the Shifa International Hospital, Mr Akram said he cared about his diet a lot because it directly affects his glucose levels.

Mr Akram was diagnosed with diabetes at 29, but he not only continued to play cricket but led the national cricket team.

“I was worried about my disease, but the doctors told me I could fight it. After diagnosis I managed to get 400 wickets,” he said. “It is not accurate to say that a person suffering from diabetes get tired earlier than those who are not diabetic.”

“I go to the gym daily and work out there. I believe that the person suffering with diabetes, should do all of his work on his own. Try to remain active as much as possible,” he said.

Mr Akram suggested diabetics discuss their condition with doctors and argue over the medication they are suggested.

“The chances of type II diabetes are continuously increasing all over the world because of poor nutrition and physical inactivity. One out of two adults suffering with diabetes is undiagnosed. People should get themselves tested for the disease and start treatment as early as possible.”

Published in Dawn November 17th, 2016

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