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Burka Avenger team holds charity meet and greet

Burka Avenger team holds charity meet and greet

ISLAMABAD: The Burka Avenger team and Fun City Islamabad hosted a meet and great session with the cast of the animated series on Saturday.

During the event, Haroon Rashid, the creator of the series, and other cast members aimed to raise awareness and funds for The Citizens Foundation (TCF).

While speaking at the event, Mr Rashid discussed the burka and the initial criticism the superhero character received.

He said: “The burka is not meant to be shown as a symbol of empowerment or source of her power. Jiya’s power comes from her training of takht kabbadi martial arts. She uses her burka outfit like a disguise, the way Batman wears his bat outfit. It’s only meant to protect her identity and the main aim of the show remains for her to inspire children and teach them morally sound lessons.”

Burka Avenger is Pakistan’s first full-length animated television series, and has won multiple international awards, accolades and global recognition. It has been commended for addressing social and political issues in an educational and entertaining modus. The show follows Jiya, a teacher at an all girls school who disguises herself in a burka to combat entities targeting girls’ education.

As part of its fundraising for TCF, Rs100 is donated to the foundation for every Burka Avenger action figure sold. Saturday’s event also included an auction of Burka Avenger themed picture frames signed by Mr Rashid. The proceeds from the auction, as well as a Rs200,000 cheque, were donated to the TCF.

A TCF representative at the event said: “TCF remains committed to the cause of education. It is a movement that needs ardent supporters like Burka Avenger because only education can pave way for a brighter and progressive Pakistan. As more and more supporters join us, each one marks a victory of education over illiteracy and deprivation.”

Mr Rashid said: “The Burka Avenger team and I are excited to collaborate with Fun City and raise funds for a noble cause. Recognizing the talent to create an animated series that is at an international level and be able to create awareness regarding the issue of literacy was the main concept behind Burka Avenger.”

Fun City’s deputy marketing manager Tania Arandia also spoke at the event. “We strongly believe in promoting the local entertainment industry and charity hence we are partnering with the Burka Avenger team to raise funds for education with a twist of fun.”

The guests at the event, mostly children, thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing to the television series’ soundtrack. While some took selfies with Mr Rashid, others won prizes for contesting in games.

Published in Dawn, December 11th, 2016

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