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PMA, MTA leaders transferred as doctors refused to budge

PMA, MTA leaders transferred as doctors  refused to budge

FAISALABAD: The Punjab government has transferred the secretary generals of the Medical Teachers Association (MTA) and the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) for “poor performance”.

MAT’s Dr Khurram Sohail Raja and PMA’s Dr Mohammad Irfan have been transferred to Rawalpindi and Sialkot from the Allied Hospital, Faisalabad.

Doctors called the transfers victimisation, saying they had been punished for criticising the central induction policy (CIP) and supporting Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) strike. Dr Raja alleged the Punjab government had threatened him of action on Tuesday if he did not stop supporting the YDA.

On Wednesday, the YDA observed strike at the outpatient departments of the Allied Hospital, District Headquarters Hospital and the Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology for the third consecutive day.

Dr Raja said in a text message late on Tuesday, “Today when MTA supported YDA stand on the CIP, I received a phone call from a deputy secretary Health, Punjab, Raja Mansoor.

“He said to me, ‘You are creating problems for us. You had better stop supporting YDA and withdraw your statement otherwise we will take action against you’.”Dr Raja told Dawn he had categorically told the secretary that there was no question of taking the MTA support back. He said action against his and other doctors would complicate the situation. Dr Raja said he had asked the secretary to tell his seniors to resolve the problem amicably.

He said a meeting of the MTA, PMA and YDA had been convened to devise the future course of action.

Dr Irfan said the CIP had been devised without consulting the stakeholders. He said how the doctors who had passed FCPS-I could be refused training.

He said patients were suffering due to ill-conceived policies of the Punjab government and doctors were also on roads for justice.

Published in Dawn December 15th, 2016

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