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The fashionista and the rich

The fashionista and the rich

There you go. At long last, the wafer-thin, fashion conscious and pretty looking Sonam Kapoor ain’t single anymore. Or so I think.

There’s this rich young man by the name of Anand Ahuja who has apparently swept Sonam K off her feet. Two weeks back, she flew out to Los Angeles, though not with him, for a couple of days. Anand A was also there. He was in his California house while she stayed at her father Anil Kapoor’s apartment.

Those who are in the know say that both had a good time with each other after which they returned, separately, to India where he is planning a mega event for her in Rajasthan. Sonam K is being hush-hush about it, however she, sorry, the cat is out of the bag.

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, December 18th, 2016

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