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More visitors on second day of fusion fest

More visitors on second day of fusion fest

LAHORE: The Alhamra Burney Garden had a good number of visitors on Friday evening on the second day of the Punjab Gilgit-Baltistan Fusion Festival.

The three-day festival features not only the fusion music but also different art and craft stalls besides food varieties from Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab. There are jewellery and cloth stalls displaying regional colours and culture.

On the second day, the music students of the Alhamra Art Academy enthralled the audience. There was a sword dance by a group from Gilgit-Baltistan while other folk troupes also gave vocal and dance performances.

The indoor performances included Shaman dance and fusion songs. The food and crafts stalls in the Burney of Garden offered their stuffs on discount. The iron fence of the Burney Garden on the side the Alhamra Art Centre was removed.

Some visitors said the Lahore Art Council was unable to create the particular type of a folk fusion music festival when it cames to proper illuminations and creating an ambiance.

When asked about it, Director Art and Culture Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said that since the main area of the festival was a covered one owing to possible rain, that’s why the feel was not as much there as it should have been.

He said the festival would be held at the Greater Iqbal Park on its third day (today) for only folk dances and singing while the stalls would not be moved there.

Published in Dawn, February 4th, 2017

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