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School days: Back to the daily school grind

School days: Back to the daily school grind

It’s not just me but most kids feel the pain of going back to school after vacation. Okay, some kids will be excited about schools reopening, especially the toppers of the class because the school is a kingdom where they rule.

There are many changes that you have to face and get used to upon returning from summer holidays. Some things change, like the campus/building, class, furniture, etc., and then there can be totally new people that you may have to get used to, like teachers, classmates and junior staff.

First look: Even if your class and campus is the same, you would still be nervous to go to school. Some kids may skip the first day of school due to these changes. Other than nervousness, what occupies your mind is how to adjust to a completely different atmosphere and be friends with new people and see new teachers and get to understand the layout of the new school.

Don’t let your confidence shake due to this because change is an ongoing process, you have to learn how to solve problems and this will build your confidence. As for me, I’m going to high school from middle school, thus my class, campus and, most importantly, my friends have changed. This makes the whole back-to-school process stink for me.

Adjustment: It’s an obvious thing that if your school environment has changed, for instance, if you are going to a new school or a new branch, a lot of adjustment is needed on your part. So first you need to stop comparing the new school to the old one. Initially, you may not like a lot of things about the new place and people, but look at them from an open mind and heart, without comparison, and you will find that things will not look so gloomy.

Next adjust yourself with the people first, not the environment. Be nice to your classmates and teachers. Make yourself comfortable with them, if you are relaxed and happy, it will make you appealing as a person and soon you will make new friends.

Start enjoying your time at school from the first day because you have to spend half a day there for probably years to come. Start making friends, but be careful about choosing good students as friends at first, not the naughty ones. Slowly, as you will get to know others better and they will get to know you, you can narrow down to those classmates whom you really connect with and they will be your best friends.

Socialising is the best way to adjust to a new school.

Goals: Without setting a goal, you can’t achieve things. So set your goals from the first day, but your first priority should be doing well in studies and then making friends. If you are determined to do well and achieve your goals, day by day you will feel that you are coming closer to your target.

Give your goals a bit of time and that time would be worth it. Of course everyone wants to achieve something or, I should say, everything in their life. All this can’t be done without hard work and determination.

When you are studying, don’t get distracted by other things. Be focused during lectures. This would help you in understanding things faster rather than studying all night later on because you were busy chatting in the class.

Daily routine: Since your holidays are about to end, you need to go back to your old and disciplined daily routine. Try to sleep by 10pm because a fresh mind would help in understanding things at school.

Try to organise yourself more because now you need to daily iron your clothes, arrange your bag, fill your water bottle, do your homework and also some self study. All of these things need discipline and a good schedule.

I’m not saying to skip your evening games or other fun activities but you need to give your school-related activities more time. Now you can’t scroll down your news feed all day, so you should cut down on your social media and games. Just check your notifications or spend 30 minutes on your favourite game and keep all gadgets away for the day.

In the morning, try to wake up early so that there is time to have a proper breakfast. If there is time, go through the newspaper and read important headlines or current affairs news items.

E-studies: Make your mobile phones or any other electronic device as a source of information and tool for studies. Go through some good educational websites or do quizzes of the topics you are studying.

This will help you overcome your problems and make you more enlightened. Rather than finding books and reading countless pages to get the information you need, the internet can save you time, as there is a huge amount of information just a click away. And if your parents know that you are only using websites and internet for studies, they will not scold you for spending time using the computer or smartphone.

Best of luck for the new term, especially if you are in a new school like I am. And I hope that by the time it ends next summer, this would have been one of the best years of our lives.

Published in Dawn, Young World August 12th, 2017

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