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Sharp hike in vegetable prices ahead of Eid

Sharp hike in vegetable prices ahead of Eid

SAHIWAL: The prices of onion, tomato, green chili, ginger, garlic, cucumber, lemon, and green coriander have witnesses a sharp hike in the local vegetable market ahead of Eidul Azha.

Consumers complain that the district price control committee and the market committee have failed to implement official rates in market.

This correspondent visited the market and found the prices of tomato had gone from Rs30 to 100 per kilo whereas its official rate is Rs50 per kg. Cucumber is being sold at Rs70 per kg against the official rate of Rs50 per kg. The prices of green coriander have gone from Rs5 to 30 per bundle whereas onion is being sold for Rs50 to Rs80 against the official rate of Rs46.

In the same manner, prices of ginger and garlic have gone from Rs160 to 200 per kg while their official rates are Rs145 and Rs130.

Hameed Akhtar, of village 71/4-R, told Dawn the prices of vegetables would come down in Edi days when people would be more into mutton and beef dishes while ahead of Eid, mostly people used vegetables.

He said the market committee had failed to do anything for poor consumers. He said the prices of tomato, onion, garlic and ginger would go up in the coming days because of their more demand. Saima Ahmed, a resident of Farid Town, said she had visited the market to buy tomato and onion but shopkeepers were not following the market committee rate list. She told there is no platform where consumers could launch complaint.

Amin Raza, senior citizen, demanded that the district price control committee work during Eid days as it works in Ramazan.

CASES: Up to 84 cases were registered against shopkeepers for selling fake fertilisers and pesticides in the last eight months in Sahiwal division, according to the Sahiwal Agriculture Department officials.

In Pakpattan, Sahiwal and Okara districts, officials collected 423 samples of fertilizers for the laboratory testing, of them 220 were found to be genuine and 36 fake while the results of 167 samples have yet to be released. The department got the cases registered against 53 shopkeepers for selling spurious and fake fertilisers under the Agriculture Pesticides (amended) Act of 1997 and Fertilizer Control Act 2015.

Similarly, the departments collected 775 samples of pesticides and of them, 617 were declared fit and 31 unfit and results of 119 have yet to be declared. Up to 31 cases were registered for selling fake pesticides.

Agriculture Director Abdul Gafoor Gaffari told Dawn his department was addressing growers’ concerns over the supplies of fake pesticides, seeds and fertilizers to market. He said the exercise would ensure good quality agriculture inputs for farmers.

Assistant Director Kaleem Nisar said registered dealers were being monitored strictly.

CENSUS: As per the census 2017 summary results, Sahiwal division has the lowest population and households among the nine divisions of Punjab.

The division’s population is 7.38 million, of them 3.77 million are males and 3.6 million females. The rural side takes a visible lead as 5.74 million people live in rural areas and 1.63 million in urban areas.

Data says 423 people registered themselves transgender, of them 203 live in rural localities. Households in Sahiwal division are 1.19 million.

The district wise population is: Sahiwal 2,517,560, Pakpattan 1,823,687 and Okara 3,039,139.

Published in Dawn, August 31st, 2017

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