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This is with reference to the story “The magician and the kettle” by Faizan Wasim (YW, September 2).

I also agree with the moral of the story that listening to elders, especially parents and grandparents, can bring happiness in your life, plus, it will give you a satisfactory feeling that your elders are with you.

Agha Abid Abbas,


My eight-year-old son, Hassan Ali is a regular reader of Young World magazine. He eagerly waits for every Saturday to get YW to go through his favourite section which is “Word search”.

He loves solving word search but in last couple of weeks when word search didn’t appear in the magazine, it disappointed him very much.

So it is my request to the YW team to not stop the section and always give space to this wonderful section.

M. Ali,


This is with reference to the cover story “Living in space” by Fida Hussain (YW, September 9). The article was full of information that I didn’t know about before.

We love watching movies about space and astronauts, but now I understood that living in zero gravity is literally not a piece of cake. I hope YW publishes more interesting and informative articles like this one.

Mohammad Noman,



The article, “Living in space” by Fida Hussain was very interesting.

I didn’t know that life for an astronaut in space would be so tough. It is not wrong to say that astronauts are also heroes because they risk their lives in space and have no idea if the launching and the landing will be successful.

I am a big fan of YW since it provides authentic and interesting information about various fields.

Z.N. Baloch,


Internet can be used for a host of interesting activities. Yet we have to understand that just like the real world, internet is not completely safe. There are various websites which steal personal data, credits cards information fraud, etc. Cyber bullying and cyber stalking have also become common, so it is always better to stay away from unknown websites or links, and never ever reveal your address, phone number to anyone or chat with a stranger.

Don’t open an email sent by a stranger it may contain viruses.

Sarim Zafar,


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