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Teachers’ Day standing card

Teachers’ Day standing card

Teachers’ Day is around the corner and if you want to present something worth remembering to your teacher, here is a standing card that can be placed anywhere.

Glue stick

Glue tube

Three coloured papers of any colour

One piece of 10-inch long and 5-inch width hard paper



Any coloured string

Markers, paint colours (optional)

Paste a paper of any colour of your choice on the piece of hard paper this is the inside of your card, so choose the colour accordingly. I chose red, as in pictures 2 and 3.

Mark one and half-inch lengthwise and one inch width-wise on both sides of the hard paper with a pencil (the bottom and the top; right and the left sides — altogether four) these will make the card to stand; picture 4.

You can make the centre between the stand lines straight; however, I made it curvy, which is optional; then cut it out carefully, pictures 5, 6 and 7.

Mark the middle point of the hard paper and bend it gently so that it does not get too many creases, as in pictures 8 and 9.

Then according to the centre of the now bended card, cut out another piece of paper from a different colour and paste it, (you can write the main message here). Keep it aside; picture 10.

To make the bunting string, draw and then cut out stars and flags; picture 11.

Make holes in the stars and flags with a punching machine or with a pencil; picture 12.

Insert the string one by one in each star and flag, then keep it aside; picture 13.

Take the third piece of different coloured paper, cut it out according to the now complete shape of the card. Make sure you cut out the centre as in picture 14 and then make holes on the right and left sides to insert the string; then tie the string from behind, as in pictures 15 and 16.

Now paste it carefully over the open card’s upper side, picture 17.

You can write your dedication or tribute directly inside the paper or paste another piece, see picture 18.

Your card is ready. Write message with markers or glitter glue, etc.

Published in Dawn, Young World September 30th, 2017

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