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This is regarding the cover story “Turn down the volume!” By Kashif Hafeez (YW, August 26 2017). This was a nice article as it highlighted the crucial issue that has not been given much attention.

These days, almost everyone is using earbuds; sometimes to listen to a phone call but most of the times, to listen to music and that too on high volume. It is obviously a thrilling experience to listen to music on high volume, but it is not recommended for one’s health. Parents should warn children about the harmful effects of loud music and earbuds and monitor their usage.

Nimra Shah,


Depression is a mental condition which affects our mood and feelings negatively. A person in depression usually becomes pessimistic and sees no hope in anything.

It is wrong to say that only adults go through depression because they have bigger issues in life. Children also go through depression. They may not know what feelings they are going through, but their way of expressing things can clearly tell that they are in depression such as, irritation, shouting or crying for no reason.

Happiness is a fuel or nutrition for a healthy life. So dear children, think positive, be happy always, never be depressed by anything and never lose hope. Remember, God is with you always.

Munazza Noor Mangi,


Electricity shortage is the biggest issue in Pakistan and we don’t see any government resolving this problem. People have also become accustomed to frequent power outages. However, when the electricity bill comes, it is too high and one wonders about the little consumption of electricity, and the high bill made against it.

My question to the authorities is, how long the nation has to suffer this way? They should have mercy on the people and provide basic facilities at least.

Shairyar Ismail,


You’ve got only one life, make it worthwhile on this earth. Make sure it is inspiring. Make your parents proud of you by being honest with yourself and your parents. Devote each second to improving yourself, get education and always give your best to studies.

You must value your time and be optimistic. Set goals and stay committed. Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and work hard. Study with full concentration and avoid all distractions. Love yourself and your country.

Fatima Qureshi,


Published in Dawn, Young World September 30th, 2017

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