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Website: PDF made easy

Website: PDF made easy

While writing down an assignment or our daily stuff, we generally use MS Word. But we often come across a different kind of file that we are not so good with, such as the (PDF) portable document format?

Many people may get worried on getting an important document or a form to be filled in the PDF format, for which we have to download and view it using another application. No need to worry any more, because this is where comes to the rescue!

PDF is a file format for capturing and sending the electronic document in its actual format. This is why it is a highly acceptable format used all over the world for filling out forms, reading information, menus and a lot more, in its intended actual form without users being given the liberty to edit it.

However, PDFescape makes it easy to access and edit the PDF documents. All you have to do is open the PDFescape site and install the programme as a Chrome extension. So the next time you open a PDF, a small menu will appear allowing you to select whether you want to edit the document in PDFescape, edit the PDF in a new tab, or open the file normally by downloading it. The first two options open a new tab within Chrome and display an editable version of your PDF.

From here, you can edit the way you want, with the tabs for inserting text and objects and for formatting pages. You can insert blocks of text, obscure text with a white-out feature, and add shapes and arrows, as well as reorder, rotate and delete pages. PDFescape works great for filling out PDF forms or making notes on a PDF, but you should be aware that the existing text and images within the PDF cannot be edited.

PDFescape can be used without registration, but if you register, you will be able to save files to the site’s server to access them later.

Go easy with PDF at

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 7th, 2017

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