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Wonder Craft: Ice cream stick arrow bookmark

Wonder Craft: Ice cream stick arrow bookmark

The heat is still on and we are beating the hot sunny days in our own ways — by having cold beverages and ice creams. So kids, we are making something amazing to make this week, a bookmark from ice cream stick. So don’t throw away the stick once you’ve finished your ice cream and reuse it in a creative way.

The ice cream arrow bookmark will not only point the page but the exact line or the paragraph you were last reading, making it easy for you to pick from where you left ... isn’t it amazing! Let’s make one.

Ice cream stick


Elastic tape

Ribbon (any colour)

Hot glue/white glue



Glitter tape or any one inch piece of patterned paper

Draw lines with the help of a pencil in the shape of an arrow on the ice cream stick, as in picture 2 and 3.

Cut it out carefully, picture 4 and 5.

The arrow you draw should be one and half inches in total length, see picture 6.

Now paste the patterned paper or glitter tape in the shape of the arrow, picture 7. Put it aside.

Take the elastic and measure it around the book, the elastic should not be too tight to bend the book’s pages, nor too loose to come off from the book. Keep it firm, as in picture 8.

Dab glue on the inside of the elastic, pictures 9 and 10.

Take the ribbon and cut it according to the size of the elastic around the book and paste it over the elastic, picture 11.

Take the arrow and paste it in the middle of the elastic, picture 12.

Your handy ice cream stick arrow bookmark is ready!

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 14th, 2017

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