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Wonder Craft: Plastic bag dispenser

Wonder Craft: Plastic bag dispenser

All of us have a lot of plastic bags lying useless in our house despite knowing that plastic bags pose environmental hazard. It is always good for us to quit using them and use a cloth or paper bag instead. But disposing them off is also dangerous, so let’s reuse them as much as we can.

Today’s craft will not only be useful to you but for your whole family too, beside you can put a smile on your mum’s face with this little craft. We often get cylindrical disposable jar-like pack with a lid, with different snacks like chips and drinks that we buy. That’s what we will be using today.

A cylindrical plastic jar (you can use any)

Glue stick/scotch tape

Scissors/paper cutter

Wrapping paper (optional)

Plastic shopping bags

We will start work with the lid of the jar. Here, you will need the help of an adult to cut the lid in the centre. You can make a circular hole or rectangular one, either ways work.

Wrap the jar with any coloured wrapping paper, then keep both the jar and the lid aside.

Now comes the main part, flatten the plastic bags, as in picture 6 and then two fold them vertically in half, picture 7.

Do it with as much bags as you want. Line up the bags so they overlap at the handles, see picture 8.

Start rolling from the first bag together while the first handles sticking out from the roll, pictures 9 and 10. Remember these are the only handles poking out from the plastic bag roll, as all the others will be rolled inside.

Keep your grip firm until you roll all the bags together, picture 11.

Put the plastic bags’ roll carefully inside the jar, picture 12.

Cover it with the lid by taking out the ‘first’ handles from the hole, picture 13.

You can either use a tape to seal the lid or leave it that way.

Your plastic bag dispenser is ready to use.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 11th, 2017

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