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This is with reference to the cover story “Social media and you” by Sadia Maqsood (YW, October 28). The article mentioned that social media lowers our self-esteem, however, I think it gives a boost to students to study efficiently whenever they see their peers winning a competition, etc. So it can be more motivating, rather than discouraging, for them to work hard to compete with their peers.

Afaque Ahmed,


This is with reference to the cover story “Top habits of top students” by Ambreen Arshad (YW, October 21). I admire the writer’s views but I want to add something that one of the best qualities of toppers is confidence. Confidence gives people the courage to face difficulties in life.

So besides adopting good habits, one should also build up a confident personality.

Deepak Solanki,



I really liked the article “Top habits of top students” By Ambreen Arshad. The writer gave some very useful tips about becoming a determined and successful student.

I am thankful to YW, for providing us amazing information and useful articles to read and build our personalities.

Mahnoor Rubab,



The article “Top habits of top students” by Ambreen Arshad was informative and highlighted some amazing points for students to adopt in their daily routine so as to become successful in life.

I am happy to say that I possess a few of the good qualities mentioned in the article. I hope that other students will also adopt the good habits of top students.

Sorath Khoso Baloch,


This is with reference to the story “A mummy in the haunted house” by Sadaf Tausif (YW, October 28). The story was amazing because it had a thrilling, yet humorous touch to it. I liked the idea of dressing up as a mummy.

Apart from that, I like reading YW because it has everything in it. There are jokes, stories, quiz, drawings, poems, riddles and a lot of other information. My school also encourages its students to read YW, because it enhances our reading and writing skills.

Huda Ilyas,


This is regarding the Wonder Craft “Ice cream stick arrow bookmark” by Asif Ali (YW, October 14). I really liked the simple things used in making a useful craft. All the things were easily available in my house, so I tried to make this bookmark but sadly, I couldn’t make just like the one given in the section.

However, I will learn through my mistake and try again. I eagerly wait to see the crafts section and try making them every time.

It is my request to the YW team to always publish tips to make interesting crafts so that we can learn making new and useful things.

Aalia Mohammad Hayat,


This is with reference to the story “An alien friend” by Muhammad Bilal Tahir (YW, October 14). The story was simple, yet it well conveyed the traits of human nature.

We always fight for material things, wealth and power, so we are always unhappy and dissatisfied. To other creatures, these things have no value and they live more happily and harmoniously, as compared to us. This is really a sad fact, however, it is still not too late to start afresh and reflect on our nature and habits.

Sonia Mohibi,

Hazara Town

This is with reference to “Maths makes the world go round” by Zarina Patel (YW, October 21). The article was full of amazing facts about maths. I agree with the writer that maths is present in everything, even in nature.

Maaz Asad,

Mirpur, AJK

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 11th, 2017

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